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Everyone has been so friendly and approachable. The staff and other residents are always willing to offer help and go above and beyond to make everyone feel comfortable.

Valeri C.

I love living at 810 9th! The building is super modern and has great amenities. My apartment is gorgeous and in pristine condition! The management team is friendly and easy to reach and the maintenance team is incredibly helpful.

Juliana C.

Yes I’m just now getting in my room and I’ll let you know if you need me lol I need you to be there by five or do you want me a minute I need

Jair A.

Nice apartment. Only small issues. About the community events, some of them are not so clear or unfair. About the apartment, suffering the light when trying to sleep and still trying to solve that. Everything else is perfect. Thanks.

Alan B.

Fantastic, I love the community. I recommend it to young adults. Best relation price/quality around the Ninth street area, and the staff is super helpful

Martin O.

Really appreciate all your effort in trying to maintain our residential community safe during this period of time. Absolutely agree that we should not allow visitors during the pandemic.

Nah L.

810 Ninth is a clean, safe, beautiful building, and the community has excellent amenities. I love the fitness center—it has a nice variety of machines and even has free towels! The lobby and associated community areas are quite nice; the leasing staff is all friendly and helpful; and the mail center is excellent. Super happy to live here!

Grace J.

My resident experience has been great. The dog park is really nice to see all the doggos running around frollicking on the lawn. The staff is very friendly and they always are super ready to help with any amenities problems!

Olivia R.

I just really appreciate that you all have good people working here who go above and beyond to support making this a good community, even in the midst of a pandemic! For example, I think a lot of what the maintenance guys do goes unnoticed. They're here on their days off, and all too often, cleaning up after tenants who could be better neighbors. I also really appreciate the effort that folks went through to get the gym back open. The little things make all the difference!

Allison J.

Leasing office is great. They are helpful in figuring out any issues you have and do not feel like they are trying to take advantage of you as a resident.

Matthew F.

My first few weeks here at 810 have been great! The front desk has been very friendly for any help and also the maintenance staff has been great in addressing any concerns around our place.

Elmira H.

I have been very happy with 810 ninth street. I love the area and I am also excited about all of the all of the amenities. very happy so far!!

Emily S.

I like how appealing and upscale the community is. I also like how proactive and responsive the staff is. The location is great because is close to all the basic necessities. Though, I do wish I had cell service in my apartment.

Lauren P.

810 is overall a great place to be! The front desk staff is always helpful, positive, and willing to help with anything you might need. The only thing that I'd like to see improved is the maintenance staff adhering to COVID safety precautions (mainly wearing a mask before entering unit).

Stacy C.

Wonderful apartments, everything is great quality, great location, and it's definitely worth the price! Amenities are also nice, and staff in the leasing office are super helpful

Jennifer J.

Fantastic neighborhood full of restaurants and grocery stores. Friendly, professional, and proactive management and maintenance team. Several amenities are closed due to the pandemic right now, but normally there's a resort-like offering of amenities (and I respect the decision to keep residents safer!). Our apartment has a great layout that makes 700 square feet feel bigger. The appliances work well, the finishes (especially the wall color and faux wood floors) are elegant, and we get good natural light even though we face north. The sound proofing between apartments is good, but we do hear a lot of noise from the hallway and through the (closed) windows. There are two sets of package lockers, so getting packages is convenient and secure. Valet waste collection service picks up trash and recycling outside our door 5 nights a week (what?!) and we pay for Compost Now to do the same for compost once a week. Internet is sufficient for two of us to work from home doing video calls all day. After 8 years of own

Kathryn F.

very nice place thank you very much for this nice place. very nice place. Very extremely nice place very nice really nice huge nice big nice amazing nice nice nice

Diego E.

One of the best apartment community to live near Duke! The people at the leasing office and the service team are the best. Lots of Duke people in the building so in general I feel safe around my neighbors. =)

Nah L.

Things have been weird during covid, but everyone is making an effort to make things easier for residents. I hope the communal indoor spaces open soon, we enjoy the pool and grilling areas though.

Martin O.

Overall 810 9th Street has been a. great experience so far. The staff is very friendly and the apartment is very clean. Overall I’m looming forward to living here!

Sebastian W.
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